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COFFOR is designed to build shear walls and shear core that provide earthquake resistant structures. COFFOR walls are more resistant than other traditional solution thanks to the connectors that connect the two side of the panel and provide confinement of concrete.

Shear wall design are more effective to resist horizontal forces produced by earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, etc.


Building with shear walls



Connection between walls, between walls and slabs, is effective with continuity rebar.  Moreover, it is possible to pour simultaneously concrete into the walls and the upper slab thus creating a monolithic structure.

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Shear walls would have avoided these downfalls

COFFOR acts as ductile frames, distorting progressively and retaining resistance capacity prior to failure. Rupture will not occur in a brittle manner.

Professor Victor Davidovici who supervises the technical team of COFFOR

Simultaneous casting of walls and top slab

Building with shear wall


Professor Victor Davidovici, a leading global specialist in earthquake resistant constructions, head of the COFFOR scientific team said:


Concrete confinement with COFFOR

The very nature of COFFOR makes it appropriate to build shear walls and the shear core of a building designed to resist horizontal loads generated by earthquakes. COFFOR is a technology that makes it possible to build shear walls without heavy equipment. The quality of construction is assured by the fact that workers can easily and quickly follow the basic COFFOR implementation rules without any possible mistake.

Building with shear wall