Mise en place rapide

Rapid implementation


Crawl in a day

COFFOR is twice faster than heavy steel shutters and 4-5 times faster than column & beams Systems. 

All steps of the construction process are simplified:

• Placing of panels, their alignment, shoring and fixing;
• Making the openings (doors and windows);
• Insertion of steel reinforcement (if necessary);
• Placement of conduits for electrical and plumbing;
• Concreting.

Elimination of crane makes management of the construction site much simpler.

No stripping is necessary as COFOR stays in the wall.

With COFFOR, it is possible to pour all the walls of one complete floor in one pass.  It reduces preparation time and eliminates all lost time used for rotating shutters.

With INSULATED COFFOR, the insulation material is integrated in the panel.  It is not necessary to have another team come back to the site after concreting to place the insulation material.

Any type of finishing, including heavy cladding, is possibe. Mortar coating or plaster coating bond exceptionally well due to the herringbone rib lath.

Bétonnage à la pompe

Concrete pump


Pose du panneau COFFOR

Poses panel COFFOR



Anti-cracking welded wire is no longer necessary given the presence of the rib lath.

Elimination of reinforcing steel in the current portiion of the wall: according to EUROCODE, up to 5 story buildings, it is not necessary to add vertical rebar in the current portion of the wall.  The vertical stiffeners of the COFFOR panel have a steel section equivalent to rebar of Ø 8 mm rebar. 

Rapid elimination of excess water:  concrete reaches its required resistance faster;  concrete shrinking is decreased, thus dramatically reducing the occurence of cracks.

Excellent accrochage de l'enduit

Excellent adhesion of the coating

Rapid elimination of excess water:  concrete reaches its required resistance faster;  concrete shrinking is decreased, thus dramatically reducing the occurence of cracks.

COFFOR après bétonnage

Establishment of reservations

Time is saved for building slabs/floors: using COFFOR panels with the external side higher than the internal side eliminates the need for placing edge formwork and removing it after concreting.

It is possible to place the formwork for the upper slab before concreting the walls.  The simultaneous pouring of walls an the upper slab creates a perfectly monolithic concrete structure.

COFFOR is compatible with any type of floor: hollow core slab, prefabricated slab or cast in place full concrete slab. Single COFFOR panels are also used for slabs. This allows a total uniformity in material used on the site and it eliminates all possible risks of shortage of hollow core material or plywood.

With COFFOR there is less need for struts and supports. It is not necessary to wait for carrying on construction onto the next floor: (1) the load-bearing wall design spreads the load of the slab over a greater surface and (2) concrete poured inside COFFOR reaches an acceptable strength faster because of the rapid elimination of excess water. Struts and support of the slab can be removed faster with COFFOR than with traditional frame structures: it is valuable savings.



Construction shutdown due to weather conditions is reduced:
 • Work can continue in high winds without a crane.
 • Work can continue in low temperatures as the rapid elimination of excess water reduces occurence of ice formation.

Grilles filtrantes de COFFOR

Filtering screens of COFFOR

Construction speed is increased simply by adding unskilled labor, contrary to other traditional systems which depend on skilled labor and availability of plywood and steel formwork.


Moins d'arrêts de chantier pour des raisons climatiques

Less downtime due to weather