COFFOR before concreting

COFFOR is a structural stay-in-place formwork system to build constructions in concrete. COFFOR is patented and received certification in several countries.

COFFOR is composed of two filtering grids made of rib lath and reinforced by vertical stiffeners. The grids are connected by articulated rebar loops that foldfor cost effective transport. The volume used by COFFOR is 7 times less than the equivalence in bricks, concrete blocks or Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF).

COFFOR can be carried by hand: it weighs less than 11 kg/m2 (2.25 lb/sq ft). A standard panel 1.10 m x 2.70 m (3' 8'' x 9') weighs 32.7kg (72lbs) and can easily be carried by 1 or 2 persons.

After COFFOR is placed, concrete is poured between the two grids. Excess water is eliminated by gravity through the grids. The fluid concrete becomes semi-solid decreasing pressure against the grids.

This explains why COFFOR can be so light compared to traditional heavy waterproof formwork.

COFFOR remains in the construction after concrete is poured and acts as reinforcement.


COFFOR is portable in hand

7 storey building

Any type of construction in concrete can be built with COFFOR: bungalows, single family villas, avish residences, multi-unit apartment buildings, industrial, administrative or commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

Several types of civil works were done with COFFOR: boundary walls, retaining walls, tanks, swimming pools, basin,tunnels, drainage canal waste water treatment plant, pile cap, manure pit, silos, etc.

COFFOR is very versatile and offers unique advantages to build radius walls, adjoining walls, slabs, floors, flat roofs, inclined roofs, foundation, columns, beams, etc.

COFFOR allows easy construction of monolithic concrete structure that are earthquake resistant.

There is no limitation of wall height or number of floors.

COFFOR offers the advantage of prefabrication (standardized quality) without its disadvantages: logistic problems, tools, delicate implementation requiring qualified labor, etc.

COFFOR is cost effective compared to other construction Systems.



COFFOR after concreting


Building with 35 floors




Luxury villa

Luxury villa

7 storey building

Office Building